Sacred Items Commission

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Formerly known as the shitty still lifes, I've been really enjoying this style of drawing. You can choose between a digital PDF or a painting for your artwork.

Please email photos of your sacred items. Thematically similar items work best, like a gallery wall, your plants, a collection of knick knacks from your travels, the tools on your work bench, etc. At least 8 items but no more than 20 is also ideal. *Not all items may be included and I often add filler items*

Paintings are done with matte liquid acrylics on archival paper. They range in size so if you have a specific size you'd like - within reason - please include that in your email. 

Digital drawings are emailed and are letter size. 

Screen prints are great for multiples - looking to use these for stationary? Invitations? Family heirlooms? Choose screen print and in the email include how many you would like. Up to 10 for $120. 

Special requests - like color, size, etc - can be met within reason but if there is a cost for materials I may request additional $$