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I'm opening digital commissions for the first time ever. I hope this will be a fun way to pass the time during all of our self quarantines! I'm drawing them in this style, with one of three limited color palettes, and they are for personal use only. It's possible a couple of them might be turned into Risographs eventually! Especially if the same theme is requested multiple times. They will be emailed to you when they're done as well as shared on my social media! Please allow up to 7 days for the completed drawing (I'll be trying to get the first 20 done before Monday since we're truly staying on the couch this weekend!)

Once you place your order please email me to tell me the following:
What "theme" you want (movie, fandom, city, cuisine, product line, your favorite cocktail)

If you plan on having them printed let me know! If it's just going to remain digital the file type is different. It'd also be helpful to know if you have a specific size ration in mind! 

We might have to email back and forth a couple of times if I'm not familiar with what you're interested in having done!

I'm not going to be doing revisions unless the tweak is simple and can be resolved in one go. 

I'm not doing portraits. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email or DM me. I'm happy to talk about what you like before you make your purchase. 

I'm happy to doodle your product line for social media use for your small business! But they can only be used on social. If you want digital assets designed for your website, blog, or product catalogue please email me for rates. 

If you want pins, tee shirts, prints, posters, buttons, stickers, or whatever else designed for your business, podcast, performance, etc. please email me for rates.